UCSB Police Department

2015 Toy drive

The UCSB Police Department would like to thank all who contributed, helped, and/or allowed us to use time and resources for the 2015 UCSB Police Toy Drive.

Over 215 new stuffed animal & blankets were delivered to the Children's Center, SRB Children's Center, and the IV County Children Center.  

An additional 60 toys were purchased and delivered to the IV Youth Program.

We also incorporated the personal delivery touch to individual children with 15 teddy bears delivered by patrolling officers.

Each encounter was memorable and brought smiles to all involved.  It was an amazing time.

The toy drive strove to provide quality gifts for a targeted age group. In summary, 18 UCPD personnel committed to $1470 in contributions.

 Over 275 gifts were purchased and delivered.  Our goal was to bring a little seasonal "magic" to a very special group and we are proud to say  that we succeeded!

Check out a few pictures from the event below!