UCSB Police Department

California Peace Officers' Memorial Ceremony

California Peace Officers' Memorial Ceremony in Sacramento

On Monday May 2nd the UCSB Police Department sent officers to be part of the statewide California Peace Officers' Memorial Ceremony in Sacramento. This event allows us to to support the families who lost law enforcement officers this year and to honor the fallen. The ceremony also highlights the reality that we are part of the larger community of law enforcement in the state. A total of 19 University of California Police Department officers, from six different UC campuses; we were well represented as the statewide law enforcement agency that we are.  

For most UCPD officers who attended it was their first time, and hopefully an experience that affects their perception of their role in society, and the risk they face on a daily basis. While it was a humbling event, it also did a great job in ensuring that the service and sacrifice of the Police does not go unappreciated.