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Earthquake Safety

Please join over 5 million Californians in the annual “Great California ShakeOut” The goal of the ShakeOut is to practice how to protect ourselves during earthquakes, and to get prepared at work, school, and at home. To participate in the Great California ShakeOut drill, simply follow the steps in this video broadcast: 


Please review the Campus Emergency Management website for emergency resources including updates on preparedness training: http://www.emergency.ucsb.edu/

The ‘Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety’, which was developed by members of the Earthquake Country Alliance, include a range of actions to take before, during, and after an earthquake to stay safe and to reduce potential damage.


1. Identify and fix earthquake hazards: You should secure anything heavy enough to hurt you if it falls on you, or anything that will be a significant loss if it breaks.

2. Create a disaster plan: Plan now what each person in your household will do before, during and after an earthquake.

3. Prepare disaster supplies kits: Everyone should have personal and work disaster supplies kits, which are useful for many emergencies.

4. Identify and fix your home’s building weaknesses: There are several common issues that can limit a building's ability to withstand earthquake shaking, such as inadequate foundations, unbraced cripple walls, and unreinforced masonry.

5. During earthquakes–Drop, cover and hold on: Drop to the floor, take cover under a sturdy desk or table, and hold on to it firmly.

6. After earthquakes–Check for injuries and damage: Remain calm and take care of yourself first. If you are in a safe area, help others and check for damage.

7. When safe, continue to follow your disaster plan: If you cannot stay in your home or at work, take your disaster kit and get to a safe location. Listen to a portable radio for news, and call your out-of-state contact.