UCSB Police Department

Hostile Intruder Training

The UCSB Police Department is offering two cost-free training sessions for students, staff, faculty and community members. These one-hour training sessions will provide the campus community with information on how to best be prepared and what to do in the event of a hostile intruder. There are two dates available:

Corwin Pavilion - Tuesday, November 8th from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

No registration is required. Questions regarding this training should be directed to

Sergeant Matt Bowman at 805-893-2303 or matt.bowman@police.ucsb.edu.

Our campus video is available at http://misc.library.ucsb.edu/ehs/?no_server_init

Recent Nexus article on the subject http://dailynexus.com/2016-10-27/ucpd-training-students-to-deal-with-intruders/