UCSB Police Department

May 23rd Memorial Walk and Vigil

On May 23rd, 2019, the UCSB Police Department joined UCSB students, staff, faculty, and community members in the May 23rd Memorial Walk and Vigil.

This was the 5th year since the tragedy in Isla Vista, and we all gathered to remember those lost and celebrate a brighter future.

UCSB Police Officers and Community Service Officers lead the walk from Storke Tower to Anisq’Oyo Park in IV. UCPD’S Community Resource Officer, Ariel Bournes, was the keynote speaker for the event. Officer Bournes told the story of his first police Ride-Along, which was on the night of the tragedy. He ended his speech by drawing attention to the exemplary response UCSB and Isla Vista Community members had in wake of the tragedy.  

“The Community used art and protest and therapy and faith and food and tears and research and collaboration and passion and planning in order to heal and to protect and to overcome. It was exemplary. It was astonishing. And it was, and it is, an honor and a privilege to be counted as even a small piece of this community. Isla Vista, you are the template. You are a gift and we love you. Your Police Department loves you. ”

Check out a few photos from the event below!

In Loving Memory of:

George Chen.

Cheng Yuan "James" Hong.

Weihan "David" Wang.

Katherine Breann Cooper.

Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez.

Veronika Elizabeth Weiss.