UCSB Police Department

Pardall Carnival

The UCSB Police Department wants to thank the hundreds of community members who stopped by and let us pass out a little safety information with lots of "fabulous" prizes! Toss a ping pong ball in a cup, answer the question written on the side and win a prize! Questions covered bike and skateboard safety as well as Isla Vista law and urban legends. Fabulous prizes included CSO Frisbees, CSO footballs, CSO water bottles, CSO backpack lights, CSO pens and the ever popular Community Message Board sticky pads!

Pardall Carnival is an event that offers free games, rides, food, and prizes to all members of the Isla Vista community. The goal is to bring together the students and families of the community as well as promote Associated Students and work on recruitment. IVCRC wishes to inspire community collaboration and celebration. For more information about Pardall Carnival please contact IVCRC.