UCSB Police Department

Employee Commendation/Complaint Process

The UC Santa Barbara Police Department welcomes all comments about its service or personnel. A letter of appreciation for a job well done, fosters pride among our employees and boosts morale in a job where we tend to hear more about the bad things we are perceived to have done, instead of the good things not everyone sees us doing.


If your commendation/complaint involves a Police Officer or other UC Santa Barbara Police Department employee, you will be asked to provide his/her name. If you do not have this information, explain what happened and when it occurred (i.e. date, time, and location of the incident). While you may submit this form anonymously, we highly encourage you to provide your name, phone number or email so we may follow up with you.

There are three ways you can submit an Employee Commendation/Complaint to the UC Santa Barbara Police Department, and for your convenience, an online Employee Commendation/Complaint form is available.

In Person: At the Campus Police station.

By Telephone: Contact the Patrol Watch Commander at 805-893-3446.

By Mail, FAX, or E-Mail: Send a letter, fax, or email, describing your incident, to the UC Santa Barbara Police Department
(Attention: Rob Romero - rob.romero@police.ucsb.edu).

After verification, your commendation/complaint will be forwarded to the employee, and a copy will be placed in their personnel file.

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