UCSB Police Department

Safety Escorts

The CSO Escort Service can be used by simply calling the Police Dispatch through the Escort Phone Line at 893-2000.

Escorts can also be requested through the Red Emergency Phones located all over campus.

The CSO Escort Program is a free service provided to all students, faculty and community members during the evening and early morning hours. The objective of the escort service is to provide a safer mode of transportation through campus and Isla Vista. The escort service is based on the "buddy" system which is to simply provide another person to travel with you to your destination.

CSOs have another level of protection in addition to the "buddy" system. CSOs are equipped with digital radios which allow them to be in constant contact with the Police Dispatch and Police Officers. CSOs are in no way considered bodyguards in a physical sense, yet they are responsible and trained to contact an officer when needed.

Escorts are available for anyone, male or female, and is encouraged if you are walking or biking alone.

Once an escort is requested, the dispatcher will ask for your name, location, a room number if applicable, whether you are walking or riding a bike, and your specific destination.

The CSO Escort Program is only one of the many services that the Community Service Organization provides, but it might possibly be the most important.

We encourage everyone to use this service whenever they feel uncomfortable or unsafe walking or biking alone.