UCSB Police Department

Job Opportunities

Police Officer actively patrols and safeguards University of California and Isla Vista property on foot, bicycle, motor vehicle and other types of conveyance. Maintains order, enforces the laws, makes arrests, and testifies in court. Educates and communicates with students and the general public. Provide law enforcement and crowd control services for special events and dignitary visits. Provides mutual aid assistance to other UC campuses and jurisdictions as requested or required.

Respond to crimes, injuries, illnesses, fires, and other emergencies or disasters; engage in crime prevention techniques and practices; receive, process, and investigate criminal cases; arrest offenders and make court appearances; provide traffic and enforcement; attend community meetings; and safeguard the custody and disposal of evidence and lost and found property.

The dispatcher must monitor/operate all equipment and access all resources within the Dispatch Center. The majority of a shift is spent sitting at the console, monitoring radios and alarms, radio dispatching personnel, answering phones, computer input/retrieval typing,etc. The dispatcher must move about the room to access equipment, resources, and assist the public at the front window, this may involve bending, lifting, and reaching overhead. The shift is spent in a small room, the dispatcher may not leave the room for any reason unless relieved by the other personnel.