UCSB Police Department

Timely Warning

Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 8:00pm

UC Santa Barbara

University of California Police

Sexual Assault Report

This email is being sent to the campus community as a Timely Warning regarding a crime that occurred on campus property. The following is provided for your personal safety.

On July 17, 2019, the UCSB Police Department received a report of two separate incidents of fondling that occurred at Portola Dining Commons. The first incident occurred on July 15, 2019 at 7:45am and the second incident occurred on July 16, 2019 at 7:45am. In the first incident, a male suspect whom the victim did not know, walked up behind the victim and pressed his body against her buttocks without her consent, and touched her buttocks with his hand as she walked away. The victim did not see what the suspect looked like. In the second incident, a male suspect whom the victim did not know walked up behind the victim and pressed his body against her buttocks without her consent. A physical description of the male suspect was obtained from the second incident. Neither victim is affiliated with UCSB.

The suspect, who has not yet been identified, is described as a white male, late teens (17-18 years of age), approximately 6’0” tall, thinner build, brown hair, wearing a blue jacket and unknown bottoms.

UCPD is investigating these crimes. If you have information that might assist in the investigation, please contact the UCSB Police Department at (805) 893-3446, or report crime information anonymously at www.police.ucsb.edu/contact-us/report-crime.

UCPD reminds the campus community of the following safety tips and resources:
Safety Tips
  • If you feel you are being followed, try to get the attention of people nearby, run/walk to a well-lit and/or more populated area, and call 911 to ask for help.
  • If you start to feel concerns about a person or a situation, trust your instincts and try to remove yourself as quickly as possible from the potential threat.
  • Perpetrators are responsible for sexual assault. Crime victims are never responsible for the behavior of perpetrators. 
  • If you think someone is at risk of assault or abuse, you should consider it an emergency and act to support that person. You can call the police or ask for help from other people, intervene directly if safe, or create a distraction to help remove the potential victim from the situation.
  • The UCSB CARE office provides confidential support and advocacy to students, staff, and faculty who have experienced sexual assault, relationship abuse, and stalking. Call (805) 893-4613 any time (24/7) for confidential help. CARE website: wgse.sa.ucsb.edu/care.
  • Information about UCSB’s policies and support resources for sexual violence can be found at: sexualviolence.ucsb.edu.
  • The UCSB Police Department’s CSO Safety Escort Program is a free service provided to members of the UCSB community as a safe alternative to walking alone at night. Call (805) 893-2000 to request a CSO escort.
**UCPD encourages printing and posting of this Timely Warning for further community notification.**
In compliance with the Clery Act, Timely Warnings are issued by the UCSB Police Department when certain (Clery Act) crimes occurring on campus property, properties controlled by campus-affiliated organizations, or public property immediately adjacent to campus are determined to be a serious or continuing threat to the campus community. Timely Warnings are intended to prevent similar crimes and to provide information that will assist community members in protecting themselves.