CSO (Community Service Organization) was created as an organization of students to act as a liaison between UCSB students and the Police Department. Over the last 30 years the organization has developed into a professional unit of the Police Department, effectively managing liaison responsibilities while ensuring the safety and security of students, staff, and faculty. SSPs (Student Safety Partners) patrol the campus year-round, promptly reporting crimes in progress, assisting in emergency situations, and identifying potential safety hazards.

Moreover, SSPs also provide personal safety escorts on campus and in Isla Vista. They also fulfill special security needs for residence halls and campus special events. Notably, CSO provides a range of programs unmatched by any other department or agency in the campus or community, showcasing its distinctive student-centric approach.

Student Safety Partner Objectives

The following are some key objectives that SSPs strive to achieve.

  • Cultivate a Secure Learning and Living Environment: SSPs are dedicated to fostering a safe environment that promotes effective learning and comfortable living for the UCSB community.
  • Foster Campus-Wide Safety Awareness: Through their actions, SSPs aim to instill a sense of safety consciousness within every member of the campus community.
  • Bridge Student-Police Relations: SSPs serve as a positive link between students and UCPD, contributing to a mutually respectful and understanding relationship.
  • Facilitate Peer-Level Communication: Building an open line of communication among peers is a vital aspect of SSPs' role, ensuring that concerns and ideas are effectively shared.
  • Advocate Bicycle Safety: SSPs actively promote bicycle safety and awareness, making the campus a safer place for cyclists and pedestrians alike.
  • Provide Personal Safety Escorts: By offering personal safety escorts throughout campus and Isla Vista, SSPs enhance the well-being and comfort of their fellow students.

These objectives underscore the dedicated efforts of SSPs in enhancing the safety and overall experience of the UCSB community.


CSO & The Police

As students, SSPs are employed by UCPD and work with the Police Department to serve the community. Conducting daily bicycle patrols enables SSPs to maintain a visible presence within the campus community, ready to assist in various situations. Whether it's helping with a lock-cut, calling Rescue for an accident, or requesting an officer to investigate suspicious activities, SSPs are here to provide timely support.  Operating frequently on a peer-to-peer basis, SSPs often play a crucial role in de-escalating potential incidents before they escalate further.



Questions regarding this program or any other CSO issues can be directed to:

Pam Gebhardt, CSO Coordinator


(805) 893-3928