UCSB Police Department

Daily Crime Logs


Daily Crime Log

The crime log is updated on a daily basis. It provides details about crimes that have been reported to the University of California Police Department. Crime logs are listed in chronological order with the most recent occurrences located at the bottom of the list for each month. Hard copies of the Crime Logs are available on campus during normal business hours at the University of California Police Department Public Safety Building #574 located at the intersection of Stadium and Mesa Roads.

Dispositions that have "CSA Report" in them involve information received from university personnel that do not work for UCPD but who are defined by federal law as Campus Security Authorities (CSA). These personnel share non-identifying information, with the University Police that is provided by the victim. In these incidents, the victims did not file official police reports and it is therefore not always possible to provide information regarding the five areas typically covered in the crime log (i.e. Nature/Classification, Date Reported, Date Occurred, Time, General Location, On or Off Campus Disposition). Since an official report was not filed, no other disposition is listed. These incidents are reported to UCPD for statistical purposes and are posted to the Crime Log when the information is received by UCPD.

For all other cases, the disposition of the case is listed. The disposition of the case provides information about the current status of a case or investigation. According to Federal Law, an institution may withhold any of the required fields of entry, i.e. the nature, date, time, location and/or disposition if any of the following conditions apply:

  1. The disclosure is prohibited by law
  2. If disclosure would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim
  3. If disclosure would jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation or the safety of an individual
  4. If disclosure would cause a suspect to flee or evade detection
  5. If disclosure would result in the destruction of evidence