CSO Responsibilities

Community Service Officers are responsible for:

  • Bicycle Registrations
  • Bicycle Safety Education
  • Warnings for Bicycle Violations
  • Impounding of Bicycles

UCSB has a unique characteristic, a large bicycle population within a relatively small radius. CSOs are responsible for warning individuals of bicycle regulations, and when necessary, enforcing them.

Bicycle Registration

To register a bicycle, come to the CSO Office during scheduled hours and bring your bicycle, valid photo ID, and $10.00 in cash or a check payable to “UC Regents.” We do not accept BARC charges, Credit/Debit Cards, Coins, or bills greater than $20.

The CSO Office is currently AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. CALL (805) 893-3928 during normal business hours to make an appointment. If your call goes to voicemail,  please leave a message with your contact information, and reason for scheduling an appointment, and our staff will reach out to you. 

Note: Building 300 is closed for bicycle registrations until further notice. Please use CSO Office instead. 

If you have lost your bicycle on university property please call (805) 893-3446 or come down to the Public Safety Building so a police officer can take the report.

Tag Colors / Common Infractions

Bicycles which present hazards to pedestrians, other bicyclists, or vehicles will be impounded.

Please take notice of the cement signs placed in key locations around the UCSB campus. The Library, Arbor, Phelps, Humanities, and Social Sciences Building are a few of the locations where cement signs are posted.

CSO's use the following types of tags/flyers:


Warning of illegal parking


Bike has been moved to nearest rack


Bike has been impounded

Do not park against trees, on lawns, in planters, on ramps, in building entrances, or against walls. Any bicycle parked in a spot other than a bicycle rack is considered parked illegally and may be impounded.

To ensure the safety of pedestrians as they move about campus, CSOs may be positioned at locations where people are constantly riding their bikes on the sidewalk. Please, walk your bike on the sidewalks.

The most common infractions that CSOs provide verbal warnings for are:

Riding on the sidewalk

This is especially dangerous during daylight hours when students are traveling between classes.

Riding double

Hazards of blind spots and poor braking response due to the extra weight and lack of balance, make this a dangerous way to ride.

Riding with no hands

This is a notoriously dangerous way to ride, especially with excessive speed.

Skateboarding, rollerblading or walking on the bike path

Due to the swift nature of UCSB's bike paths, this hazard puts a large number of people at risk of serious injury.

Impounding bicycles is necessary to prevent accidents and hazards. If your bicycle was impounded, it will be available for release the following day at the office. The impound release fee is $24.00 dollars. Impounded bicycles must be registered prior to release. Registration fee is $10.00 dollars and is good for three years.


Impound Release Fee: $24.00
Registration Fee: $10.00
Summer Storage Fee: $30.00

You will also need to bring a Valid Photo ID.

Please bring exact amounts in dollars or a check payable to "UC REGENTS." We do not accept BARC charges, credit/debit cards, coins, or bills greater than twenties

The Building 300 Office  is located west of South Hall and south of the Swimming Pool.

Normal hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. when classes are in session and excluding UC holidays, however this office is CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

The CSO Office (Phone: (805) 893-2433) is located in Lot 32, just behind the Public Safety Building, at the corner of Mesa and Stadium Roads.

Normal hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. when classes are in session and excluding UC holidays, however this office is currently AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. CALL (805) 893-3928 to make an appointment.