SSP Responsibilities

Student Safety Partners are responsible for:

  • Bicycle Registrations
  • Bicycle Safety Education
  • Warnings for Bicycle Violations
  • Impounding of Bicycles

UCSB has a unique characteristic of a large bicycle population within a relatively small radius. SSPs are responsible for warning individuals of bicycle regulations, and when necessary, enforcing them.

Bicycle Registration 

Bicycle registration is legally required in order to operate your bicycle on UCSB campus. It also serves as proof of ownership which can improve the probability of recovery if your bicycle is stolen or impounded.

Bicycles which are registered are eligible for free lock cuts at the request of the registered owner if the bike is on university-owned property.

To have an SSP register your bicycle, come to the CSO Office and bring your bicycle, valid photo ID, and $10.00. We accept credit cards, Apple Pay,  and checks payable to “UC Regents.” 

The CSO Office is open Monday through Friday 12pm-3pm. 

If you have lost your bicycle on university property please call (805) 893-3446 or come down to the Public Safety Building so a police officer can take the report.

Courtesy Lock Cuts For Registered Bicycles 

Lock Cuts are a nice service to use if you have lost your lock key, the lock is too rusted to open, or you just plain forgot the lock combination. Courtesy lock cuts are FREE. The bicycle must be on university-owned property and must be registered prior to a lock cut. You must have a valid Photo ID and have proof of ownership.

UCSB Bicycle Abatement Program

The UCSB Police Department is charged with the task of keeping bicycle racks clean around campus. Every year, as alumni graduate and move onto life after college, hundreds of bikes are left behind. These "abandoned" bicycles take up valuable rack space.  SSPs tag and impound these bicycles that are potentially abandoned. Throughout the year SSPs will tag and impound bicycles that: 1) appear to be obviously abandoned, and 2) have been tagged.

All impounded bicycles are then brought to the Public Safety building for processing. These bicycles are held for a minimum of 90 days. During this time, SSPs attempt to make contact with the owners of the bicycles through the California bicycle registration system to ascertain whether or not the owners wish to exercise their ownership rights and their claim to the bicycle.

The Bicycle Abatement Program is specifically charged with clearing racks on campus, around the residence halls, as well as Off-campus University owned housing. It is conducted in accordance with University policies as well as California laws. This abatement process ensures that our campus is not cluttered with rusty and abandoned bicycles and/or bicycle parts. This process helps maintain an adequate number of secure parking spaces for bicycles to lock to and thereby discourage bicycle theft.

Tag Colors / Common Infractions

Bicycles which present hazards to pedestrians, other bicyclists, or vehicles will be impounded.

Please take notice of the cement signs placed in key locations around the UCSB campus. The Library, Arbor, Phelps, Humanities, and Social Sciences Building are a few of the locations where cement signs are posted.

SSPs use the following types of tags/flyers:



Warning of illegal parking, no fee


Bike has been moved to nearest rack, no fee


Bike has been impounded, Impound Release fee


Do not park against trees, ramps, walls, on lawns, in planters,  or building entrances. Any bicycle parked in a spot other than a bicycle rack is considered parked illegally and may be impounded.

To ensure the safety of pedestrians as they move about campus, SSPs may be positioned at locations where people are constantly riding their bikes on the sidewalk. Please, walk your bike on the sidewalks.

The most common infractions that SSPs provide verbal warnings for are:


Riding on the sidewalk

This is especially dangerous during daylight hours when students are traveling between classes.

Riding double

Hazards of blind spots and poor braking response due to the extra weight and lack of balance, make this a dangerous way to ride.

Riding with no hands

This is a notoriously dangerous way to ride, especially with excessive speed.

Skateboarding, rollerblading or walking on the bike path

Due to the swift nature of UCSB's bike paths, this hazard puts a large number of people at risk of serious injury.


Impounding bicycles is necessary to prevent accidents and hazards. If your bicycle was impounded, it will be available for release the following business day at the CSO office. The impound release fee is $24.00 dollars. Impounded bicycles must be registered prior to release. Registration fee is $10.00 dollars and is good for four years.


Impound Release Fee: $24.00
Registration Fee: $10.00
Summer Storage Fee: $30.00

You will also need to bring a Valid Photo ID.

CSO is now cashless, meaning only credit cards, checks, and Apple Pay are accepted.


The CSO Office (Phone: (805) 893-5293) is located in Lot 32, just behind the Public Safety Building, at the corner of Mesa and Stadium Roads.

Normal hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. when classes are in session and excluding UC holidays.