Throughout the day, Student Safety Partners (SSPs) patrol the campus and Isla Vista communities fulfilling various responsibilities that contribute to public safety. 

Evening and daytime patrols play a significant role within the organization and community. They entail a range of tasks such as bicycle education, clearing abandoned bicycles from racks, and managing bicycle impoundment.  SSPs maintain visibility on campus, whether on foot or bike, actively engaging with the community to provide education and serve as a valuable resource. 

CSO Services Provided for the Community by SSPs

  • Personal Safety Escorts: having an SSP accompany you to your destination, whether on campus or in IV
  • Safety Stations: Tents funded by IVCSD to serve as a safe point in Isla Vista. Free water, charging stations, and Safety Escorts are provided. They can be found at Little Acorn Park and Window to the Sea Park.
  • Emergency Phones Checks: Ensuring proper functioning of emergency phones for quick assistance. Red Emergency Phones are located in almost every building on campus, generally found near the exterior and interior main entrance. Each elevator on campus has an emergency phone inside it. The phones are used for emergencies and for requesting safety escorts.
  • Courtesy Bicycle Lock Cuts: Providing assistance with bike locks for registered bikes on university-owned property. A photo ID is also required.
  • Secure Propped Doors: Verifying the security of doors to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Navigational Assistance: Offering guidance to enhance safe and efficient navigation.

Note: AGEs (Aid in Gaining Entry) are now performed by Police Officers instead of SSPs. AGEs are a service for people who have locked their keys in a room or office and have no other way to gain entry. This is a courtesy service and you must have a legitimate reason for an AGE. In order to receive an AGE, you must call the UCPD Police Dispatcher and present a valid Photo ID to the Police Officer. No one may enter another person's office or room without proof of permission from the owner.

Nightly Residential and Housing Patrols

Night Patrols encompass on-campus Residential Halls, dining commons, and other university-owned areas during the late evening and early morning hours. SSPs play a key role in maintaining and establishing a secure atmosphere by inspecting exterior doors to confirm their locked state and prevent propping.

SSPs conduct thorough checks by both walking through and riding around the Residential Halls. Additionally, they are another resource for requesting safety escorts.

Main Areas SSPs Patrol

  • University-owned residence halls including those located off-campus
  • Manzanita Bluffs
  • Campus Point
  • University-owned dining commons including Portola
  • University-owned parking lots and structures

Inner-campus common areas such as Davidson Library and the UCEN.

Some of the off-campus housing that the CSOs patrol at night are:

  • El Dorado
  • Westgate
  • Storke Campus Family Housing
  • West Campus Family Housing
  • Santa Ynez
  • San Clemente
  • Devereux

If you’re in the Res Halls late in the evening, don’t hesitate to stop an SSP and ask questions, or see how things are going. They will be more than happy to talk to you.