The Clery Act requires collecting and publishing statistics for crimes that occur on campus property and in certain other campus-associated locations. Because not all crimes are reported to Police, the Clery Act requires other campus staff, volunteers, and contractors, defined as Campus Security Authorities (CSAs), to tell UCPD about crimes reported to them. A CSA is someone with significant responsibility for student and campus activities or staff designated as individuals/departments to whom crimes should be reported. Crime reports from CSAs are included in annual statistics, the daily crime & fire log, and assessed for the possibility of a campus alert to warn the community about ongoing risks.

When to Report

Only crimes that occur on campus property, public property immediately adjacent to campus, certain properties owned or controlled by UCSB, and properties owned or controlled by campus-recognized Student Organizations (e.g., fraternity/sorority houses) need to be reported for Clery Act purposes. Crimes that occur in hotel rooms and common areas used during University- or Student Org-sponsored trips are considered under the University’s “control” and should also be reported. For additional information regarding locations that are considered part of UCSB’s Clery Act geography, please see Clery Act GeographyKeep in mind that it does not matter if the victim of a crime is a member of the campus community or not—only the location is relevant to Clery Act reporting.

CSAs are expected to immediately, or as soon as feasibly possible, report all Clery crimes. For more information about crimes CSAs are required to report, please see Clery Act Crime Definitions. We strongly encourage CSAs to report any incident shared with them that is criminal in nature; the Clery Act Coordinator will determine which reports should be included in Clery Act statistics. (Campus policy violations are not part of the Clery Act reporting requirements.) 

How to Make a Report

Reports should be made in a timely manner so that campus Police can assess for potential danger to the campus community and consider sending a Timely Warning to the campus community. For active threats or concerns, please immediately call the UCSB Police Department at 911 or (805) 893-3446. For all other reports, please complete an electronic CSA Report Form. Although reports can be made confidentially (i.e., not revealing the name of the person impacted by crime), it is important to provide as much information as possible, including names (when possible), accurate date and time, and specific address/location; this assists law enforcement in tracking patterns and avoiding double counting crimes. For additional information regarding CSA reporting, please see CSA Reporting Procedures.

Please note that CSAs are also Responsible Employees with Title IX-reporting duties. Some crimes will need to be reported to both Title IX and campus Police.

Talking to Students

When a student reports a crime, it is important to let them know about your role as a CSA and your responsibility to report crimes to campus Police. Explain that the University is required to track crime statistics and, in certain cases, take steps to warn the campus community about serious or continuing threats to the community. Although the crime victim’s name will not be published with annual crime statistics or disclosed in an alert, you can offer to withhold their name from your report. If the reporter would like the crime to be investigated, offer to help them make a report to Police (and the Title IX Office for cases of sexual violence). When appropriate, refer students who have been impacted by crime to support resources such as campus healthcare providers (CAPS or Student Health) or campus advocates (CARE). Download "Campus and Community Resources for Individuals Impacted by Sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment, or Other Prohibited Behavior” to provide to any individual impacted by sexual violence, sexual harassment, or other prohibited behavior.


CSAs should take the online Campus Security Authority Training available through the UC Learning Center at (“Clery Act Training For Campus Security Authorities (CSAs)”). A similar CSA Power Point Training is available here. Please contact the Clery Act Coordinator, Lorraine Madden, with requests for in-person training. Lorraine can be reached at (805) 893-4001 or